Text 21 Jul 173 notes Apologizing to Scott Lobdell?

It doesn’t seem that unreasonable of a request at first. I mean, people are freaking out over the Tim Drake thing and cursing at the guy. Why shouldn’t they apologize?

Scott Lobdell is not just some poor starting artist making comics on deviantart. Scott Lobdell is a professional who gets paid for what he does. His whole career is based on appeasing fans until they start harvesting their own organs for money because they can’t live without his next issue.

I don’t apologize to my transmission repair man when he hasn’t looked at my car for five weeks. I don’t apologize to my plumber when he comes over for the 2nd time and makes the sink more broken than it was before and then tells me that’s all and he’s not gonna make it any worse so I should just calm down. I don’t apologize when I pay for things, get crap in return and then get called a “puritan” for voicing my opinion.

Now many of you may say, “Well, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.” And that’s a great rule of thumb on fanfiction.net, or deviantart or any other place that produces fan works. I’d love to read something else, hell I’d love to make something else…oh wait. I can’t. Because DC has a little thing called ‘Copyright’ and if I produce anything that takes away from their sales they have the right to shut me down. Forgot about that.

Now, I’m not saying we should go to Lobdell’s house or raze his twitter with personal insults and cuss words or any of that shit. But when people on tumblr say that we should stop complaining on our own blogs or twitters and think they’re gonna “defend” him? No. No, Lobdell fans. I’m not gonna apologize for being 100% completely unhappy with his work and voicing my opinion of it and my frustration at my inability to change any of it.

Your artist isn’t a hero, or a visionary, or any of that other shit. He’s a man. A man who does an incredibly poor job at writing comics. That is all.

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